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"Listen To Your Auntie"

And We Thought We Were Free…

Picture via Pasadena Weekly

Picture via

 What Can REAL Republicans Do?

Well kiddies… Auntie is officially pissed.  This Nugent fellow has pushed Auntie’s last button when it comes to the excesses the Republican Party is willing to tolerate to satisfy the radical and idiotic wing of their base.

It’s high time that the sensible majority of middle right conservatives quit sitting on their hands and take back their party before they end up wishing that they had.  Imagine the collective remorsefulness that decent people will feel should we suffer another presidential assassination.  Many people will rightfully and squarely lay the blame at the feet of the party that allowed its policies and message to become so divisive.   And even those that simply don’t like Obama just because he’s a liberal won’t be immune to the guilt that comes from knowing that their voices could have been raised far enough in advance to uproot the poisonous plant of hatred whose tentacles are all but choking the life out of a once vibrant and sensible party.

And it goes without saying that these extremist hate-mongers and megalomaniacs can’t see far enough past their brain boiling vitriol to realize that killing the object of their hatred will only defeat their purpose by making him a martyr in the mold of JFK and MLK.  It will take decades for the country… And even longer for the GOP to recover from the deep paroxysm that the USA is in for should such madness come to pass.

Of course the “Motor City Madman” and Limbaugh et al can claim that they would never personally “wish” or perpetrate harm upon the president or any other government official… They know that they have legions of low IQ, easily led, highly suggestible minions to carry out their sordid, nonsensical, bigoted fantasies.  Then again, maybe young Teddy is just looking for an excuse to shoot lots of people with his massive arsenal of fully automatic weapons without having to kidnap homeless people to hunt… There… See how easy it is to plant a picture in someones mind?

It’s not entirely inconceivable that most… if not all of the loudest voices repeating the “Let’s take back our country” mantra don’t have some dream of attaining and wielding power in the shambles left over from their interpretation of a “revolution” .

But we need to remember people… The vast majority of these lunatic nutjobs are people that we normally wouldn’t hire to manage a McDonald’s if there was a background check involved.  Druggies, dropouts, malcontents, arrest records and generally shady dealings are in the resumes of some of the loudest voices exhorting the self perceived “downtrodden” to action.

Can you say Germany in 1938 children?  If you’re not up on your history… Google it for Pete’s sake… There’s no excuse for the greatest society known to history to have to repeat an era of history that the majority can access instantly and in greater depth than ever before.

Republicans of conscience and decency have no choice but to repudiate the loose screw faction that has gained control of the party of Lincoln by very firmly holding one’s nose this November and blowing them out of the water by ensuring such a solid defeat of the Republican Party this cycle that the shock restarts the hearts of real conservatives and allows true middle of the road people that have America’s best interests at heart to take over the reins of the GOP again.

Two years will fly by… But it will be enough time to get the party’s house in order and field some real life, sensible conservatives into the House and Senate… And maybe have a real chance at putting a Republican that we can all be proud of in the White House… Heaven knows that old Auntie hasn’t been too proud of our last couple of GOP presidents.  And don’t even get me started on our last few nominees.

Imagine what Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Eisenhower,  Nixon and Reagan would have to say about McCain, GW Bush and Romney… Let alone the clown car load of cuckoo’s nest refugees that showed up this primary season.  (Say what you will about Nixon… Outside of being a paranoid self esteem case… the man knew his politics and as Mr. Spock says…” Only Nixon could go to China“)

Where are the Republicans who can work a deal and look out for big business while keeping in mind that the working class is the fuel that powers the great engine that is the USA?  They’re out there… But they’ve got the good sense to keep their heads down in a climate that would lead to them losing their heads if they so much as suggest that compromise might not be such a bad idea.

Any time you get a party in power that is dead set on the idea that it’s their way or the highway… You end up with a dictatorship or oligarchy or plutocracy or theocracy or even maybe a monarchy.  None of which are ever good for the masses.

Baath Party, Taliban… too many “People’s Republics”  to name… Islamic Republics of this or that… National Socialists and various and sundry military regimes come to mind.

Come on Auntie… Sez your rational and incredulous little mind… We’re America!  That’d never in a million years happen in the good old U S of A… Yeah.  That’s what the Germans were saying in 1938 or thereabouts… Read They Thought They Were Free: The Germans, 1933-45 by Milton Mayer… Candid interviews by ordinary middle class Germans about how they fell under the thrall of the Nazis and how by the time their consciences caught up with them…. It was too damn late.  Immigrants, jobs… an “us vs. them” attitude and a lowest common denominator class willing to vote against their own interests… Hypnotized by a bunch of low class former failures and rabble rousers with the guile to incite the gullible.

Wake up Children… Turn down the TV volume… Turn on the closed captions… Put on some nice smooth jazz or classical music and read what’s being said and fed to you minus all the yelling and bleating accompanied by background music designed to get your heartbeat up and your lizard brain active.  (Talk radio precludes this… And don’t you think they know it!) Do this for two or three weeks and then ask yourself if you’re human enough to vote your conscience.

Once these Ming, mindless, megalomaniac Ahab’s are in power… We and our children will pay a hellish price to get them out… If we survive their tender ministrations that is.

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